Custom vs Commercial Products

Let’s start off by saying “YES” commercially made cabinets usually can be bought at a lower cost. Unfortunately, that’s all the “YES” we can use for commercially made cabinets. Commercially made cabinets usually cannot be made to fit your specific area but custom cabinets can. Commercially made cabinets also use cheap or inexpensive wood that could deteriorate over time. Custom cabinets use high quality woods that last a generation or more and can also withstand different types of environments such as moist and damp places. Commercially built cabinets are often installed by in-experienced people who can damage not only your cabinet but also your home or office. Custom cabinets are made by professionals with years of experience in the business. Not only will they be extra careful installing your cabinets but also will know what to do when things don’t go according to plan. If you would like to read more about why custom cabinets are a better choice over commercially made ones, here are few articles we recommend.


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