Wood Type 101

Ash (white ash)

Description: Ash is a strong wood with great bending abilities. Ash can usually be found on furniture with bend parts that require a wood with flexibility but also strength.

Color: Ash colors vary from a creamy white, gray with a light brown to a dark reddish brown.

Price: Ash’s prices are usually expensive.

Cherry (black cherry)

Description: Cherry is a hardwood that is used in fine furniture and cabinets. Cherry is a close-grained wood that is difficult to work with. It has an attractive and distinctive grain, often with a definite mottle.

Color: Cherry colors vary from a light brown to a dark reddish brown.

Price: Cherry’s prices are usually expensive.

Hickory (shagbark hickory)

Description: Hickory is a hardwood known for its strengths. It is usually used in rockers, Windsor chairs, lawn furniture and some veneers. Hickory is a heavy wood that is difficult to work with.

Color: Brown to reddish brown with a straight and indistinctive grain.

Price: Hickory’s prices are usually moderate.

Mahogany (New World mahogany, African mahogany)

Description: Mahogany is a hardwood that is traditionally used for fine furniture. It is one of the most prized furniture woods used in the world. It is also used extensively in veneers.

Color: Mahogany varies in color from a medium brown to a deep red-brown and dark red.

Price: Mahogany’s prices are usually very expensive.

Maple (sugar maple)

Description: Maple is a hardwood that is strong, dense and attractive. Maple is associated with different types of furniture. It can be used for a kitchen cabinet to a restaurant table. Maple can be difficult to work with.

Color: Light brown with a reddish cast; the grain is usually straight.

Price: Maple’s prices are usually moderate.